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An Idea Based on Experience


"I dedicated myself to reviewing research, analyzing literacy initiatives, implementing best practice, and attending professorial development trying to understand why we had failed to create classrooms full of grade-level readers and writers."

Gayla Wiggins, Founder & CEO

After 20 years of research and collaboration with teachers and administrators, I realized that in our earnest effort to teach students to read and write, the simplicity of the process was overlooked, inadvertently making the teaching and learning more complex and confusing. This realization led to the creation of LITERACYcentral.

LITERACYcentral is a framework designed to simplify the increasingly complex process of teaching, learning, and assessing literacy. It aims to respect the authentic processes of reading and writing while incorporating contemporary insights from the science of reading. The approach is intended to be universally accessible, offering a streamlined method that caters to the diverse needs of all students.

LITERACYcentral focuses on simplifying how literacy is internalized and implemented, thus ensuring a balanced and inclusive approach to literacy development.

Gayla's Pick of the Week:
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