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Sophia Acevedo

Principal, USDE Terrell Bell

“As a principal, sometimes, we just didn’t know where to get started in literacy. It felt so big! How can I teach comprehension when kids can’t read? We could identify the student was reading below level, but we couldn’t get to the comprehension. Literacy Central is designed to work with all kids! It teaches comprehension to ALL. Having this as a starting point allowed even new teachers to finally understand how to teach comprehension for all. It allowed us to teach for all, then pull back for those who needed basic reading. Thank you, Literacy Central for listening to our needs and developing something that is easy to understand for teachers. Learning the teaching modules is built-in Professional Learning that your PLCs can do together. It is the first SIMPLE, USER FRIENDLY program I have seen in over 20 years!” 

Tori Leggett

8th Grade 

"I really like having a collection of activities to choose from and that the activities can be used for many different genres. My students have enjoyed that a lot of the activities are collaborative and have learned a great deal from their peers as the year has progressed. They have especially liked the hands-on aspect of the reading and writing journals plus the creativity that is encouraged in many of the activities. I love that it gets them using their logical brain and their creative brain and gives them something tactile that they created to work with to review concepts. When they are faced with a concept that they may not recall, I hear them say "oh, let me check my journal!" It has been a great tool in my classroom."

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