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A Simplified Approach to Literacy

The LITERACYcentral Project is a comprehensive approach that integrates and balances all aspects of literacy. 

Teaching Literacy

How we approach literacy has a deep and lasting impact on our students as they become listeners, speakers, readers, writers, thinkers, and contributors to society.

As literacy educators, it is important to streamline our approach to provide a meaningful, integrated, and authentic experience for our students.

Resources for Sequenced Pathways

The LITERACYcentral Project simplifies the process of teaching literacy by providing resources for sequenced pathways/units of study . Each pathway provides curriculum, instruction, intervention, and assessment.

The LITERACYcentral Project resources are:

  • Aligned

  • Integrated

  • Scaffolded

  • Sequenced

  • Structured

  • Designed to follow the natural movement of literacy

  • Based on the five instructional components of literacy

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Based on Four Bedrocks for Classroom Success

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