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Legs in Jeans

Launching the

Foundations of literacy processes and practices, including:

  • Listening

  • Speaking

  • Viewing

  • Reading

  • Writing

  • Thinking Routines


Reading and Writing practices and application

include multiple genres and subgenres.


Making the 


The theme, message, author's purpose, controlling idea, thesis, claim, and audience are learned, practiced and applied to:

  • Fiction

  • Poetry

  • Informational

  • Argumentative

  • Connected Texts

  • Research


Exploring Deeper

Students engage in analysis to understand deeper and to better appreciate the technical and creative process of writing. Learning will be applied to all genres in both reading and writing.


Exploring deeper analyzes:

  • Literary Elements

  • Structures

  • Organizational Patterns

  • Argumentative Techniques


Investigating the Craft


This is the last step in the literacy process. Craft analysis focuses on the creative and appropriate use of structure and language. Through the lens of an author, students analyze authors' crafts and examine the "What" and the "Why".

Students apply their learning to create thoughtful and engaging writing using literary, informational and argumentative purposes.

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